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English 101
Carnegie Mellon University


My Fall 2021 - Spring 2022 course, "Crossing Borders: Forced Migration and Transnationalism in the 21st Century," seeks to make legible to first-year students discourses surrounding nepantla spaces (from Anzaldúa) and to amplify works by refugee and immigrant authors, in service of students learning college-level writing skills like comparative genre analyses and writing research papers. I chose the theme, selected readings, and scaffolded and assessed assignments for 75 students across four sections.

Writing 700
Naropa University


Under my responsibilities as Head Writing Fellow I was a Graduate Assistant and co-teacher for this professional development graduate course. I co-planned and co-lead instruction for 15 graduate students in the MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics program at Naropa, covering different pedagogical theories and embodied opportunities for practice, and mentored these students as the prepared to teach their own First Year Writing sections. I also observed new FYW teachers' classes and provided growth-oriented feedback.

English 1010
Metropolitan State University


Invited by a colleague to be a guest instructor for their "Poetics of Displacement" module, I planned and facilitated creative writing and critical discussion on place and displacement in writing for 20 students in 2 sections. Building on my work with refugees, I curated and highlighted contemporary poetry and prose works by refugee and immigrant authors, and invited students to consider their own relationships to place and displacement.


online workshop


In her poem, “Living as a Lesbian Underground: A Futuristic Fantasy,” Cheryl Clarke writes, “Leave signs of struggle. / Leave signs of triumph. / And leave signs.” This course focused on doing exactly that, considering the art of curation and ethical use of archival material, leaving our own signs -- our own marks -- by reworking existing materials with an eye for both the past (archive) and the future (curation).

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Interested in working with me or learning more about what I do? Please get in touch, and I will respond promptly.

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"Caminante, no hay puentes, se hace puentes al andar.
Voyager, there are no bridges, one builds them as one walks."

- Gloria Anzaldúa

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