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Uvalde, TX

This zine was made on May 26, 2022 in memoriam of the 19 children and 2 adults killed in the mass shooting in Uvalde, TX on May 24, 2022. It shares each victim's name and two short pieces of information about them, found from articles online. The background is done in crayon, a medium these young students would have been familiar with, and is in a tie-dye style, after the shirt Alithia Ramirez is wearing in many of her memorial photos.

So that this atrocity never happens again, and to support families and friends burying their loved ones, please visit for a collection of verified GoFundMe fundraisers related to funeral expenses for families and other organizations supporting Uvalde, or donate to an organization of your choice that works to end gun violence.

To download the zine, click the image below for a PDF to print from your computer. For instructions on how to fold the paper into an 8-page zine, see the tutorial at

In Memoriam Zine Uvalde TX_edited.jpg
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