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Strengthen Your Writing, Reach Your Goals

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When you work with me, we work together to help you achieve your goals and strengthen your writing, whether it’s for work, school, a personal blog, job or grad school applications, or anything else. I believe that the process is just as important as the product, and will work with you to help you not only produce a better piece of writing this time, but to become a better writer for the future. Not sure where your issue is but know you’re stuck? No worries — I’ll help you tease it out.



I hold an MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics from Naropa University, where I worked for two years as a Writing Fellow in the Naropa Writing Center, consulting Naropa students, faculty, staff, and alumni on any and all writing needs. I also served one year as Head Writing Fellow, helping to oversee the NWC program and implementing best practices in the field of writing tutoring. I currently teach first year writing at Carnegie Mellon University, with a particular specialty in teaching the process of planning, researching, writing, and revising research papers.



I work with clients collaboratively to help them achieve their goals and strengthen their writing, whether it’s for work, school, a personal blog, job or grad school applications, or anything else. I take a holistic approach to writing, and offer creative solutions for common challenges including grammar errors, writer’s block, and brainstorming & draft planning. Whatever your writing challenge, I’m here to help you through it without judgment or pressure.

Graduate School Applicants

  • Past clients have successfully gotten into programs from business to counseling to user experience and nursing.

Current Students

  • I've helped undergraduates with term papers and graduate students with theses in diverse fields like psychology and religion

Creative Writers

  • Many of my creative writing clients, in poetry, prose, and hybrid genres, have gone on to publish their manuscripts. 

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Interested in working with me or learning more about what I do? Please get in touch, and I will respond promptly.

Thanks for submitting!

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"We know how to quest. We know how to ask. If we can find our questions and our desire, that’s what I teach, the art of desiring."

- Cecilia Vicuña

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