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How I've Helped


"I would highly recommend working with Megan - not only will she help you communicate your experience, but she will help you gain the confidence to put your best foot forward. Working with Megan helped me go from a place of serious self-doubt, (believing that I would never get in to any program) to feeling confident that I had made a strong case for admission. And it worked! Not only did I get into my first choice program, but I gained the confidence to interview for a coveted research assistantship at the university -- both of which I will start this fall!"

- Katharine, Masters in Human Factors in Information Design @ Bentley


"I have worked with Megan many times as a writing coach colleague and client. In both capacities, I have always been blown away by how she is able to take a writer's struggles and break them down into accessible exercises and experiments. Megan has a gift for diffusing frustrations and obstacles, both pragmatically through process-based writing activities, and through her very generous presence. She just gets it. And what's better, she can empathize while simultaneously offering new and enlightening perspectives. She has helped me out of many writing ruts; I'm very grateful to have her as a mentor//a member of my writing wizard arsenal.

- Shawnie Hamer, Author of the stove is off at home


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"We know how to quest. We know how to ask. If we can find our questions and our desire, that’s what I teach, the art of desiring."

- Cecilia Vicuña

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