Process Pedagogy

Position Statement

What is the process approach?

How should it be taught?

Why is this approach better than the other?

We, the process pedagogues, believe that a process approach offers more helpful tools to composition instructors than a post-process approach. We strongly believe that there is a writing process that can be taught — including recursive and fluid stages of prewriting, writing, and revision — but also that not all writers have the same process. In other words, there are many writing processes rather than one singular process.

Accordingly, process pedagogy can be deployed across diverse contexts and we encourage teachers to utilize process-based tools with flexibility and creativity. This is not a one-size-fits-all pedagogy, and absolutely should be mixed with other pedagogies as befits a teacher’s values, teaching context, and student needs.


Teaching writing as a process, and helping students discover their own unique writing processes helps build confidence in writing and decreases writing apprehension. It also helps them become more effective writers in the long term as well as the short term, and their skills and knowledge can transfer to other courses and contexts. Process pedagogy also provides a scaffold or jumping off point for teachers to engage with other pedagogies across different contexts.

Ultimately we see process pedagogy as providing instructional options that can be utilized across diverse contexts and mixed with other approaches to the benefit of teachers and students. Post-process theorists discount these benefits to their detriment.

- Megan, Marilia, Arwa, & Pooja

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