Assignment 1 | Teaching Vision
  • How should we teach English today?

  • Think about why you want to be an English teacher. Why does that matter? Why did you pick this profession? What do you believe?

  • What is your credo?

Assignment 2 | Teacher Story
  • Key teacher questions: What does it meant to you to be a good teacher? Why is teaching important? What in your view is a bad teacher? Where did your ideas about teaching come from? Who and what shaped your views of teaching?

  • This Teacher Story should explain some of the origins of Your Teaching Vision Statement

In-class Project | Position Statement​

Your group is to write a Position Statement in which you explain the following:

  • What is the post-process approach?

  • How should it be taught?

  • Why is this approach better than the process approach?

Theory Article
Assignment 3 | Theory of Teaching​
  • Explore one composition theory that you feel is connected to Your Teaching Vision and Your Teacher Story.

  • Provide a general overview of the basic ideas of the theory and discuss who some of the major proponents of this theory are.

  • Explain how the theory can be used to justify your approach to teaching.

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